How do men perceive sex?

It is not always easy to understand how men perceive sex. A lot of my London escorts girl friends say that most men seem to have a totally different perception of sex and love. The problem is that a lot of women confuse sex with love, and to men sex is just sex. We just think about sex and love so differently and it isn’t always easy to reconcile our differences. London escorts say that it is even difficult to talk about sex to men. They just seem to think that sex is penetration and that is something all women enjoy.

So, what is important to women when it comes to making love? All ladies, even London escorts, appreciate a bit of foreplay. But most men are ready to go straight away. One of my London escorts girl friends said that her boyfriends idea of foreplay is about 5 minutes. After that he seems to lose interest in the entire sex act and would rather just masturbate to a climax he says. The thing is, a lot of men don’t realize that it takes a woman sometime to get going. We need all of the kisses and cuddles that we can get.

Why are men so impatient in bed. Most ladies do presume that men are impatient in bed. To most of us, and my London escorts girl friends can confirm this, men seem that they want to have a quick bonk and then go to sleep. In a woman’s mind it just doesn’t happen like that. We need to be talked to and caressed says Kathy from London escorts services. There is a very good reason for a man with a slow hand, laughs Kathy. Women cannot reach sexual satisfaction as quickly as most chaps, it is just a fact of life.

So, what do men need to learn? Well, most men certainly need to learn patience. On of that most of my London escorts girl friends agree with me when I say that men need to learn that listening is a vital skill. Okay, talking may seem a strange introduction to sex but all of my London escorts girl friends can confirm that we feel important when we have been listened to. It makes us feel appreciated and loved. When we feel that way, it is easier for us to get into a more loving mood so to speak.

Do all women feel the same? Of course not, but the vast majority of women do feel that way. It feels really good to be loved and wanted. Some of my fantastic London escorts girl friends say that even men like a chat before sex, and I think that is true. Knowing that you want to have sex can sometimes make us feel a bit anxious. Talking simply releases some tension according to Kathy from London escorts. Okay, you can talk yourself to an orgasm but some things that you say may turn the other person on. Never underestimate the power of loving words as part of foreplay.

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