How The Human Brain Perceives Nudity

Man and Two Women in Bed Together --- Image by © Ben Welsh/zefa/Corbis

The brain is built in such a way that visual cue with sexual relevance such as nudity has a hypnotic effect on a person. When those cues are detected, they trigger chemical, neurological and hormonal events. How someone learns to deal with this energy and have the right response is part of being a mature adult. Be behavioral, emotional and psychological habits that form sexual character will be based on decisions we make. When the sequence of response and arousal is activated, it forms neurological memory which will have an effect on future response and processing to sexual images.

Mirror neurons which are located near the top of the head are involved in the process of mimicking behavior. They have a motor system which correlates to planning out actions. Whenever one sees a behavior, there is a silent echo of a neurological mirror of ourselves engaging in that behavior in the brain. This is a good thing since we can learn by watching others but it can have negative effects when it comes to nudity.

These mirror neurons are involved when one sees nude images because what you see, you vicariously experience and learn from it. The same thing applies to pornography. As people watch sex scenes onscreen, they mirror this which eventually triggers sexual arousal, tension and a need for an outlet. The negative thing is that when one decides to masturbate after seeing these images or videos, it leads to neurological and hormonal consequences which are meant to bind them and the object that they are focusing on. This should be their partner but for many, it is an image. Nude images therefore enslave someone by hijacking their biological response that is meant to bond a man to his wife.

However, it is not correct to think of looking at nude images as a simple circuit board. The human brain is not like a computer. It has a chemical place in which it functions and operates. There are hormones in the brain which provide a chemical medium for brain activity. Nudity does not just activate the circuit but it also generates feelings that are meant for sexual desire, love, romance and longing. It changes the chemical medium of the entire body in profound ways. It is essential to know that these chemicals use neurotransmitters that the brain uses to communicate with each other when it comes to responding to sexual arousal and sexual activity.

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