How to find your ideal partner

One thing I learned during my time with London escorts, is that finding a partner in London can be very challenging. When I worked for London escorts, I did not really get involved in any proper relationships. There was no point. The men I met were more interested in the fact that I worked for a London escorts service than in what kind of person that I was deep down. I was not the only. Many of the other girls at London escorts went through the same process. When we finally left London escorts to join in with real life, I think that we were all a bit shell shocked.

Everything our dates at London escorts had said turned out to be true. It was not easy to accept it, but finding a partner in London was going to take some doing.Personally I decided to take some time out and I went traveling. When I was still with London escorts, I had made up a little wish list of places that I wanted to travel to. I had also been able to set aside some money. Instead of traveling with a friend, I decided to go on my own, and it did me good. When I came back to London, I felt that I could manage on my own if I needed to. However, it would still be good to have a partner in my life. Most of the girls who had worked at London escorts at the same time as me, were still single but I had an idea.

You are not going to meet anybody if you don’t find yourself a job in London. Sure , some London escorts think they can make a living and find a partner at the same time the scrape by as London Babes or Gold diggers. That was not for me at all, so I find myself a real job in the travel business. I got a chance to meet like minded people, and it was not long before I was going on what is known as “try and test holidays’ in the business. It was during one these holidays when I met my Kiwi man as I called him. Paul ran his own travel business in Singapore and soon asked me to join him.

We got on so well, and both of us loved working with the general public. The other advantage was that I could leave London escorts far behind me. There are days when I wonder what my former colleagues do now, but then I just look out over my tropical garden, go for a swim in the pool, and go into work. I love getting folks excited about their holidays and I love my Paul. We have a little bit of an unusual lifestyle, but it suits us as we have realised we were born under a wandering star. I don’t think that is ever going to change, but we have paradise to come back to.

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