Islington Escorts on honeymoon

I cannot believe that I am getting married next year or that I am marrying one of my dates from Islington escorts. The first time I met Alan I thought that he was a nice guy and we got on really well. The only thing is that I never thought that we would end up getting married and start a life together. Anyway, now it is happening and I am really excited about it.

a romantic event with lovely islington escorts

Like so many of the other gents that we date at Islington escorts, Alan has a lot of money. We have planned a really nice wedding but we are not sure where we want to go on honeymoon. The problem is that time is running and out. We really need to pick a location but it is so hard to decide. All of the destination look really nice and I am sure that we would enjoy all of them. Like Alan says, the place needs to be really special.

One of the locations that we have looked at is Hawaii. Most of the girls at Islington escorts in North London think it is the place to go to. I know that sounds really romantic. If we do go there, Alan would like us to be away for an entire month. I can understand that. It is a very long way to go. The only problem is that I have a little pet dog that I don’t like to leave. Alan’s mum says that it can stay with her and I should not worry.

We also like to look of Australia. A couple of the girls at Islington escorts have been and they did not like it that much. They said it was a little bit rough and ready, and the food was not that good. It would also mean a lot of travelling around and I know that Alan likes his creature comforts. We would have to fly a lot and also drive around. To me, it sounds a little bit like hard work and I am not sure about it at all. Also we really like good food both of us so that could be a problem.

There are other locations as well. This weekend I am having a couple of days off from Islington escorts so we are going to decided. Like I said to Alan, we really need to sit down and make sure that we make a decision of where we are going to go. I know that it is not going to be easy but I think that we can do it. If we are not sure about a location, we will simply say no. Like I said to Alan, the decision will be one of those gut instincts and we just go for it. I think that is the best way of thinking about it. Personally I think that I am leaning towards Hawaii but I must admit that Japan looks exciting as well. Then there is the cruise across the Atlantic …. I really don’t know.

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