Mending a broken heart with a West Midland escort

All my life I seem to have always been neglected. When I was just only a kid. My father would beat me up when he is drunk. He punched me one time just because I interrupted him watching his favorite sport. He was always drunk with his coworker. When my dad and mom argue about something, he will hit my mom several times until she stops talking.
We did not tell anyone about his bad behavior because we were all afraid of what he might do to us if he found out. He was also a gambling man. All of his salaries would usually go on betting. It was not just my dad who physically abused me but my mom too. My mother hated me; she did not love me like her other brothers and sister. It is because I am the ugliest among her children.
My brothers and sisters were good all good looking. I was the odd one in the family, my classmates in elementary school would always tease me and call me names because I did not look like my brothers. They would call me adopted, and shit face. It was a horrible and sad experience. My mom would slap me in the face if I committed some mistake on the house that she did not like.
Or if I did not perform well at school and got lower grades than my brothers. The only person that took good care of me was my uncle, he always was loving and encouraging to me, even though I was not his son, he did not mind. On some days he would pick me up at school and bought me ice cream before he would take me home. He was the most relaxed man for me. I always looked up to him. He did not have any family, but he was wealthy. He was also the one who buys me toys, not my parents. When I got older and finished my education.
My uncle offered me a job in assisting him in his business. He said that he would like it to be a family business. He treated me like his kid. I worked hard every day to repay his kindness to me. I was pleased with work, all the people I work with was kind and caring, unlike my family. It was like a paradise for me. But when my uncle died. I got very disappointed in life. The only person that loved me was gone. Now I feel like I’m alone in the world. Thankfully there were West Midland escorts from West Midland escorts help me to mend my broken heart and help me in the grieving process. West Midland escorts were accommodating and understanding about what I am going through.

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