Secret Sex Desires

Should we let our secret sex desires out to play? Some of my gents at Northolt escorts from have really unusual sexual desires and I keep on wondering if they are safe to play with. In other words, should we let our secret sexual desires out to play or should we just enjoy them as fantasies. Sometimes I think it is better than we keep our fantasies looked up but at other times I think that we should let them out to play. But knowing when to let them out is the big problem and I don’t really know how to tell which is the best way forward.


One of my dates at Northolt escorts would like to make love in glass elevator. It has to be one of those that runs up and down on the outside of a building and cannot be one of those inside a hotel lobby. Mike is a really nice guy and I cannot see what is dangerous about his sexual fantasy. The only problem is that it is not socially acceptable. I don’t think that Mike is going to get away with h is sexual fantasy without upsetting somebody or getting arrested.


Another one of my favorite date at Northolt escorts is called Alan and he has a craving for wearing pink fluffy ladies dressing gowns with fluffy slippers as well. He would like to wear what he calls his at home uniform to a dinner date. I have suggested that we fulfill part of his fantasy and that he can wear his at home uniform on a personal dinner date. The only problem is that it is not enough and he would like to wear it in a restaurant. To be honest I don’t think that is going to go down very well with other diners.


Stephen is this really smart guy that I date at Northolt escorts. He does something in the legal service and loves classical literature. Stephen’s secret dream is to stand on London Bridge and read the classics with me sitting naked at his feet. He says there is no legal reason why he should not be allowed to do so and that is kind of interesting. However, I am still not sure it is the sort of thing that I would opt for. It sounds fun but I do think that I would end up on the six o’clock news.


I keep saying to my gents at Northolt escorts that it is okay to let your fantasy out to play when it does not interfere with other people’s lives. You do need to be careful how you play and who you expose to your play. If you can figure that out, I think that it is okay to play with your fantasy. Yes, it would be kind of fun to sit naked on London bridge and be read classical literature to. But, is it the sort of thing that you would want to impose on other people. You really need to ask yourself what is good for your lifestyle as well.

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