What is the key to a healthy sex life?

I am not going to say that it is easy to have a healthy sex life. During my career with an elite London escorts service, I have become more and more interested in what makes us tick sexually. I have a couple of regular London escorts dates who really have got some interesting ideas when it comes to enjoy sex. If you would like to broaden your horizons as a young woman, it might be a good idea to see if you can get a job with a London escorts service.

One thing that I have learned during my time with London escorts, is that it is important to understand your sexuality. Are you a person who would like to be more adventurous when it comes to sex, or are you the kind of person who is happy in the missionary position, as long as you achieve sexual satisfaction? It is not always easy to identify your own sexual nature, and that is what I think I have become good at during my time with London escorts.

Working at London escorts, is a little bit like going on a journey. You meet both gents and ladies who like to explore their lives, and once you become a bit more experienced, you realise that you can help them. One thing I do know, is that most people I meet at London escorts have many dreams and desires they like to fulfill, but they find it hard to talk about them. When I was younger I had the same problem, but now I very much see much fantasy life as a bit of adult fun.

Could it be that I am onto something here? Should we see our sexuality as a bit of adult fun? We are often encouraged to play more when we are adults, and could it be that we have been given our sexuality so that we can play more? I date a couple of gents at London escorts who do not take their sexuality seriously at all, and basically would like to play on their dates. They may have various fetishes like food and foot fetishes, and they like to act them out when they are with us girls at London escorts. An outlet for your fantasies with a London escort can only be good for you, and we should have an outlet to relieve stress.

What is the harm in acting your fantasies out? Unless your fantasies hurt other people, I don’t think that you should worry about them. There is a lot more going on in people’s heads than you may think, and some women I have met at London escorts, do have the most amazing sexual fantasies. But, women of a certain age are not keen to act out their personal fantasies. They are worried about being thought of as perverted and may not even speak to their partners about their sexual fantasies. In the long run, that is not doing them any good, and learning how to share your pleasures, is the essence of a healthy sex life.

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